“Saturday Night Live” wasted no time taking President-elect Trump to town for naming Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson his secretary of state pick in its cold opening Saturday. The late-night NBC show’s opening skit featured Beck Bennett as Vladimir Putin coming down Trump’s chimney in his skyscraper residence to make an oil-related deal with Tillerson, played by actor John Goodman.

The scene starts with Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon as former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway discussing the Republican’s pick of former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as energy secretary.

“I saw him on “Dancing With The Stars.” This guy has no much energy, it’s just unpresidented,” Baldwin says, an intentional mispronunciation of unprecedented, which he misspelled earlier Saturday in a tweet. “Now all I have to do is pick who will be president … Can I just do it three days a week like Howard Stern does?”

McKinnon refocuses the conversation to inauguration plans, telling Baldwin his list of event performers is as long as the tiny post-it note she hands him.

That’s when Melania Trump, played by Cecily Strong, walks into the room and tells her husband it’s time to focus on Christmas, not business. Suddenly, out from the chimney, the group is standing in front of comes a man with no shirt and Santa Clause’s pants. It’s Putin with Santa’s sack.

“This is such a great surprise,” Baldwin tells Bennett’s Putin.

“I was just in town, you know, hiding in the walls,” Bennett responds.

Baldwin says it is good to finally speak in person and they address accusations from the CIA and FBI that the Russian government was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. Bennett asks Baldwin’s Trump if he trusts the Russian’s claim he did not do it more than the CIA’s statement.

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“All I know is I know,” Baldwin said.

Bennett goes on to praise the incoming president, calling him the “smartest candidate” in the race, then the “Manchurian candidate,” a term that goes above Baldwin’s head.

Bennett pulls a gift for Trump out of his big bag: elf of the shelf, only this elf has an unmentioned camera to spy on the room it is placed in.

“Since it is Christmas after all – this is Elf on the Shelf,” Bennett says. “It’s fun, you just put it right here next to your internet router and you keep it there all year.”

Baldwin calls the gift beautiful and says he does not have a gift for Bennett, who responds, “Mr. Trump, you are the gift.”

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In the midst of conversation, Goodman’s Tillerson walks in and was overjoyed to have run into Putin, who ‘SNL’ plays as an old friend of his.

“Puty? Oh my God!” Goodman exclaims.

“Rexxy, baby,” Bennett responds, setting off an indistinguishable chant between both men.

“Donny, you didn’t tell me Puty was gonna be here. Man, was I hoping to catch up with you,” Goodman said.

Bennett discusses oil drilling problems he is having in Russia, which Goodman is eager to talk him through and give advice on how best to go about it, even adding that new regulations will soon up a path for him to move forward on certain plans.

Baldwin interrupts their conversation about black and crude, “Speaking of black and crude, I know Kanye. He says whatever he feels, like me, but black.” Trump met with West at Trump Tower earlier this week to discuss issues affecting African-Americans.

Goodman and Bennett continue to discuss business deals while Baldwin asks obnoxious questions. Suddenly, the two announce, “live from New York,” leaving Baldwin out of the chance to signal the introductory credits to the show until he jumps in at the end of the phrase.

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