Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., slammed the Obama administration Sunday for failing to pursue appropriate retaliation against Russia for its interference in last month’s presidential election.

“So far, we have been totally paralyzed,” McCain said, adding sarcastically that when Obama told Putin to “‘cut it out,’ I’m sure [Russian President] Vladimir Putin immediately stopped all cyberactivity.”

McCain has called for a select committee to investigate the extent to which Moscow may have influenced and undermined America’s electoral process. He claimed Obama’s criticism of Putin hasn’t done enough to send a message that the U.S. won’t tolerate malicious cyberattacks by foreign governments.

“The president has no strategy and no policy as to what to do about these cyberattacks that have possibly disrupted an American election,” McCain told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “No doubt [the Russians] were interfering, the question now is how much and what damage and what should the U.S. do.”

McCain said the current administration has no policy toward dealing with Russia’s malicious cyberactivity and that is “very disturbing.”

At his final White House press conference last Friday, Obama said the U.S. will take retaliatory measures against Russia, but that such actions may not be made public immediately.

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