President-elect Trump was met by a rowdy crowd at his “thank you” rally in Orlando, Fla., Friday night. In retelling the story of election night to attendees inside the Orlando Amphitheater, one spectator took a lighthearted jab at former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, a slight Trump couldn’t resist jumping in on.

“In Utah, I had this character that nobody ever saw before, nobody ever heard of him before. I said to my wife,” Trump said as an attendee yelled ‘McMuffin,” a reference to a breakfast sandwich at fast food chain McDonalds. “That’s correct, that’s his name. He said ‘Evan McMuffin.’ Do you believe this? Or something like that. I never heard of this guy before. Nobody did.”

But the lively crowd was not ready to settle down yet. As Trump continued, another person jumped in with a jab at McMullin, a former House Republican policy adviser.

“We didn’t just win it, we look floored it. And Evan, whoever this is, this person, remember he said ‘we think we can win the election.’ We said ‘but you’re only gonna win maybe Utah and you know what he would have done if he did. It didn’t turn out that way because we had plenty of votes, plenty of everything, but all he was,” Trump said, before someone yelled out “lightweight.”

“I don’t know if he’s a lightweight. We should never say that. Don’t ever call a person like that a lightweight,” Trump said. “Boy, what a group. Only in Florida can this stuff happen.”

Shawn Krauel, the CEO of the Orlando Amphitheater, said parking was at capacity for the venue, which holds 10,000 people. Trump will rally in Mobile, Ala., on Saturday at 3 p.m. local time.

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