House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes declined to accept phone calls from a top U.S. intelligence official who sought to discuss evidence that Russia interfered in the presidential election, according to a new report.

CIA Director John Brennan wanted to talk to Nunes following congressional briefings that seemed to indicate a disagreement between the CIA and the FBI about whether the cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign co-chairman John Podesta, and the ensuing leaks — which both entities agreed were conducted by Russia — were carried out in an attempt to help President-elect Trump win the election.

“Brennan tried to talk to Nunes several times about the dispute. But officials said the congressman didn’t take his calls until after he issued a statement Wednesday asking intelligence leaders to ‘clarify press reports that the CIA has a new assessment that it has not shared with us,'” according to the Washington Post.

Nunes issued that statement after the CIA declined to attend a Thursday congressional briefing that Nunes had requested; he implied that the agency was participating in a political attempt to damage the president-elect.

“The Committee is deeply concerned that intransigence in sharing intelligence with Congress can enable the manipulation of intelligence for political purposes,” Nunes said. “The Committee will continue its efforts and will insist that we receive all the necessary cooperation from the relevant leaders of the Intelligence Community.”

Intelligence officials are declining to hold another briefing until they conclude a review of the available intelligence that was ordered by President Obama. But the FBI and CIA have announced that they agree about Russia’s intent in carrying out the cyberattacks.

“A few days after the [CIA’s] Senate briefing, a senior FBI counter­intelligence official briefed the House Intelligence Committee but was not as categorical as the CIA briefer about Russia’s intention to help Trump, according to officials who were present,” according to the Post. “The FBI official’s more cautious presentation of the intelligence to the House panel left some Republican and Democratic lawmakers in the room with the impression that the FBI disagreed with the CIA … ‘The truth is they were never all that different in the first place,’ an official said.”

Nunes, for his part, told the intelligence agencies to expect a visit from his committee team in January. “I am alarmed that supposedly new information continues to leak to the media but has not been provided to Congress despite my letter asking for more information on this topic, and despite the committee’s request to schedule an urgent classified briefing that would set the record straight on the IC’s current assessment,” he said Friday.

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