President Obama touted on Saturday steps his administration has taken aiming to level the playing field for people and businesses, noting how Obamacare is an example of why competition in the marketplace is imperative.

“Competition is a good thing. It pushes us to do our best. And you know that a fight is fair only when everybody has a chance to win — when the playing field is level for everybody, and the rules are clear and consistent,” Obama said in his weekly address. “To keep America’s economy growing and America’s businesses thriving, we need to protect the principle of fair competition.”

Obama praised the Department of Agriculture for introducing new rules this week to help swine, beef cattle and poultry growers who have had limited choices as to where they can sell their products. Earlier this month, the Food and Drug Administration pushed for regulations to lower the costs of hearing aids.

Obama also pointed to reforms his administration has made cutting down on noncompete agreements and robot scalpers on the Internet, as well as requiring airline companies to be more transparent about fees.

“Finally, it’s this principle of competition that’s at the very heart of our health reform. In fact, it’s the reason we call it the Affordable Care Act; it makes insurance companies compete for your business,” Obama said. By the way, it’s open enrollment season right now. You can still sign up on healthcare.gov until Jan. 31″

The Democratic president has five weeks remaining before President-elect Trump is sworn into office on Jan. 20, but he urged Americans to sign up for healthcare plans by Jan. 31, which guarantees coverage through the end of next year despite Republicans pledges to repeal the law.

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