Polling guru Nate Silver blasted the media’s campaign coverage for ignoring data in favor of “narrative-driven coverage.”

“Data was clear that white noncollege voters were overrepresented in swing states, helping Trump in [the Electoral College]. Narrative-driven coverage ignored it,” Silver tweeted Saturday.

He added that many journalists “continue to ignore that [Democratic presidential candidate Hillary] Clinton would still have lost the Electoral College” if she had won Wisconsin and Michigan, two states Trump won but where Green Party candidate Jill Stein russled up recount campaigns that did not overturn the outcome. Clinton would have also needed the swing-state electoral votes from Pennsylvania (where there was another recount) or Florida, noted Silver.

“A lot of the flaws in campaign coverage this year boiled down to inattention to or indifference toward facts and details like these,” Silver added.

Before the election, Silver’s statistics-driven website FiveThirtyEight gave Trump only a 28.6 percent chance of winning the White House.

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