An adviser to President-elect Donald Trump who founded a conservative media company in Alabama is being touted as a possible replacement for GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions.

That person, Cliff Sims, has worked on both the Trump campaign and transition. A Sessions ally who has hosted a talk radio show in the state, Sims is on leave as CEO and editor-in-chief of Alabama’s Yellowhammer News company.

“He’s young. He’s got national name recognition. He’s very close to Donald Trump. I think he’d be transformational for the state,” Christopher Reid, an attorney who once worked for Alabama’s governor, said during an appearance on Birmingham’s FOX6 News on Thursday.

Trump named Sessions his choice for attorney general. Should Sessions be confirmed by the Senate, Alabama’s Republican governor, Robert Bentley, would make a temporary appointment to the seat. Bentley said he could start interviewing candidates this week.

A special election would follow.

“Bentley has said he wants someone close to Trump and who agrees with Trump’s policies,” said a Republican operative with close ties to Alabama. “Nobody closer to him and his team in the state of Alabama than Cliff. He’s been living inside Trump world since the convention.”

Asked about the possibility of Bentley choosing the 32-year-old, a Republican who close to the governor said: “I think the field is wide-open right now.”

A potential hurdle for Sims: he and his website, Yellowhammer News, broke the news in March of recordings of Bentley, Alabama’s governor, having intimate conversations with a mistress. That scandal has taken a toll on the governor, both personally and politically.

“Now, I know he broke the stories about the governor’s affairs, so I don’t know if he’d be the first pick for the governor,” Reid said.

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During the campaign, Sims garnered national attention as the co-host of the “Trump Tower Live” Facebook show with fellow campaign aide Boris Epshteyn. At the time, it was speculated the show could be the model for a future “TrumpTV” effort if the Republican lost the presidential race.

On Wednesday, Sims appeared on local television and told anchor Bob Grip of Fox10 News he will be in Mobile, Ala. on Saturday for Trump’s planned rally with Sessions.

A slew of other Republicans are interested in the vacancy, should Sessions be confirmed as attorney general.

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange has said he will seek the seat. Other names that have been floated include State Senator Trip Pittman, state Senate President Del Marsh and Jim Byard Jr., the director of Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. U.S Reps. Mike Rogers, Rep. Mo Brooks and Rep. Robert Aderholt have also been mentioned as possibilities.

Sims declined to comment to the Washington Examiner.

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