New York Times columnist Tom Friedman argued on Friday morning that many of President-elect Trump’s Cabinet picks are “prehistoric” because they have dismissed the climate change theory supported by most Democrats.

Friedman wrote in a Wednesday column claiming Trump’s picks were “prehistoric,” and backed that up in a Friday CNN interview.

“I was referring not to the whole Cabinet, I was referring to the fact that all the appointments who are involved with energy and environmental issues have professed denialism or skepticism on climate change,” he said.

“Which takes them to pre-George W. Bush… I’m not sure where it take them. Maybe it takes them back to Teddy Roosevelt,because the George W. Bush administration actually had some really fine people on energy and environment,” Friedman argued. “This is a throwback to I don’t know where.”

Law backed by Reid will haunt Dems

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Regulations issued late in a president’s term can be struck by a simple majority.

12/16/16 12:00 AM

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