E.J. Dionne, liberal columnist for the Washington Post, advised members of the Electoral College to consider voting against President-elect Trump when they convene next week.

In an op-ed published Wednesday night, Dionne said even though Trump has won the needed electoral votes on Election Day, his post-election behavior has shown that he’s unfit for office.

“If Trump takes office, it’s the electoral-college system that will do it,” Dionne wrote. “And the post-election Trump has been as abusive and self-involved as he was during the campaign. The opposition’s job is to stand up and prevent or mitigate the damage he could do to our country.”

“They can argue, fairly, that rejecting Trump would threaten the stability of our institutions,” he added. “But the threat Trump himself presents to those institutions is why electors need to think hard before they make this decision.”

Different states have different laws to determine how electors are allowed to vote, but Trump is expected to receive enough to secure his victory. At least one Republican elector, however, has publicly said he will not cast his vote for Trump.

The electors convene Monday.

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