Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh hit back Wednesday against reports that the Russian government hacked the U.S. presidential election.

The Central Intelligence Agency last week expressed “high confidence” that Russia hacked and rigged the election in favor of President-elect Trump. However, this assessment was met with caution from the FBI, which said the claim lacks definitive evidence.

Limbaugh predicted that the Russian hack story will be Democrats’ way to both fundraise and undermine the Trump presidency.

“This Russian hacking story, stole the election from ’em, this is it, this what they’ve settled on,” Limbaugh stated. “Get ready, ’cause it’s going to be a months-long story. It isn’t going away. It’s going to be what they will use to fundraise. It’s going to be their method of delegitimizing the Trump election and the Trump presidency.”

The radio host went on to stress that FBI’s take is the more accurate one so far.

“Nobody can provide any evidence that the Russians hacked the election,” he said.

“There are two ways to cheat in an election. There are two things that happen in an election involving ballots. The first phase is that ballots are cast, i.e., people go out there and they vote. And then the next aspect is that those ballots are counted.”

“So where did the Russians cheat? What did the Russian hack affect when it comes to ballots? Is anybody alleging anything? They aren’t. The whole point of the Russian hack is the Podesta emails were made public and it’s not fair because the Republican emails and whatever the Russians discovered in the hack of the Republicans, even though Priebus says that they weren’t hacked, that doesn’t matter.”

Limbaugh pointed out what he sees as hypocrisy among the Democrats’ ranks.

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