A large environmental group is formally asking the Environmental Protection Agency to ban Exxon Mobil from doing business with the federal government over allegations that it kept information about climate change from its shareholders and the public.

The Waterkeeper Alliance sent the EPA a formal petition Wednesday asking that the oil giant, whose CEO was just picked as President-elect Trump’s secretary of state, be officially barred from doing business with the federal government.

“The United States government should not use taxpayer money to do business with a company that has intentionally misled the American people about climate change — for nearly four decades,” according to the alliance of clean water advocates, referring to articles reporting that the company covered up studies by its own scientists that showed climate change would harm its business. Many scientists blame the greenhouse gases emitted from burning fossil fuels for driving manmade climate change.

Exxon, which has denied the reports, is fighting an investigation by a group of Democratic state attorneys general who are trying to build a case against the company based on the articles.

The petition came one day after President-elect Trump nominated Exxon chief Rex Tillerson to be the nation’s lead diplomat, setting off an explosion of opposition from environmental groups.

The Waterkeeper Alliance’s petition is the first formal action taken by green groups in the wake of the nomination, although it was not explicitly linked to Tillerson being picked.

Other environmental groups not affiliated with the Waterkeeper Alliance praised the effort on Thursday, saying there is precedent for the EPA to take action against Exxon and exclude it from government contracts through a process formally known as debarring.

“The EPA set an important precedent when it debarred BP following its negligence in the [2010] Deepwater Horizon spill” that killed a dozen workers and resulted in millions of gallons of oil being spilled in the Gulf of Mexico, said Ben Schreiber, climate change director for environmental group Friends of the Earth. “Now it should debar Exxon Mobil.”

BP said it entered into an administrative agreement with EPA in March 2014 to allow it to “enter into new contracts with the U.S. government, including new deepwater leases in the Gulf of Mexico,” the company said. BP had sued the agency after it was debarred to remove the ban. It withdrew the suit after the agreement was codified.

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“Unfortunately, Donald Trump seems enamored with Exxon Mobil’s deceitful business practices,” Friends of the Earth President Erich Pica said. “By nominating Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state, Trump has made it clear that as president he intends to rob the American public and give to corporate polluters.

“Friends of the Earth urges the EPA to hear Waterkeeper Alliance’s request to prevent the environmentally destructive consequences of Exxon Mobil’s empowerment,” Pica said.

“In its pursuit of profits, Exxon Mobil has lied for decades to the American people about the climate impacts of its operations. This company’s funding of climate denial has hindered efforts to address our climate crisis,” he said. “The U.S. government should not be doing business with corporations that spread lies harmful to our health, climate and national security.”

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