More than a dozen of public high schools in Washington, D.C., have marching bands, but not one has applied to participate in the Inauguration Day parade for President-elect Trump next month.

High schools in neighboring Arlington and Prince George’s County public schools have not applied, while officials in Fairfax and Montgomery County schools said they were not aware of applications to participate, according to an NBC-4 report.

While schools typically take a decade off between marching in the historic parade, at least one local school band has marched in each of the last five inaugural parades.

“I think everybody knows why and no one wants to say and lose their job,” John Newson, band director at Howard University in the district, told NBC.

Some Americans have called Trump’s policies, including his plans to build a secure border fence and screen refugees from Middle Eastern countries, controversial, which could be the reason some school leaders are not pursuing the parade. In D.C., only 4 percent of voters picked Trump on Election Day, indicating he was exceptionally unpopular with residents in the nation’s capital.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee will announce which bands across the country have been selected to participate.

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