America’s largest technology companies gathered in New York on Wednesday to meet with President-elect Trump, but absent from the discussion was social media platform Twitter — the incoming president’s go-to medium for communicating with his followers.

The publicly traded company has not issued a statement explaining the reason for its absence.

But multiple media outlets have reported Trump’s team purposely blocked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey from the gathering because of an incident that happened during the campaign. Trump’s team had tried to broker a $5 million deal to inclue an emoji of stolen bags of money following every “Crooked Hillary” hashtag, but Dorsey personally turned down Trump’s business request, according to one report.

One source told Politico on Wednesday that Twitter was “bounced” from the meeting because of the incident, while the Hill reported Trump’s transition team communications director Sean Spicer was responsible for banning Twitter from Trump Tower on Wednesday.

Appearing on MSNBC after both outlets published their reports Wednesday afternoon, Spicer, the outgoing Republican National Committee communications director, said he had “no say … zero” in who attended today’s discussion, downplaying his role in the transition team.

While leaders from Apple, Microsoft, Uber, Facebook, Amazon and the like were invited, Spicer said hundreds of those companies wanted to attend, but room was limited — literally.

“This was not an intentional slight and it’s frankly ridiculous … there are only so many people who can actually sit around a conference table. It was packed,” Spicer said.

Twitter’s absence had nothing to do with who supported Trump during the primary and general election, he added.

“Almost none of these guys except for [PayPal co-founder] Peter Thiel was out there supporting him,” Spicer added. “Nobody was there that supported him. The rest of the people were against him … This guy continues to reach out to opponents and foes.”

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