Longtime Hillary Clinton backer and Democratic operative David Brock claimed that Donald Trump’s election has shaken up MSNBC staff, and that the network is now under pressure to give favorable coverage to the president-elect.

In an interview with Politico published Tuesday, Brock said there’s a new need for “alternative media” because journalism as it is now will be “weaker” under Trump’s coming presidency.

“MSNBC is under pressure from [parent network] NBC to toe a Trump line and we need some alternative media out there,” said Brock. “I know that there are hosts at MSNBC now who feel their jobs are at risk because the brass is for Trump.”

Asked if he has heard that directly from a host at MSNBC, Brock said, “One has, yeah. And I’ve heard of others.”

A spokesperson for MSNBC did not return a request for comment from the Washington Examiner.

MSNBC has long been associated with its more liberal-leaning primetime hosts like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes. Its morning show, “Morning Joe,” however, was often criticized for being what many saw as too sympathetic to Trump during the campaign.

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