Senators from both parties on Monday called for independent investigations into Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee that the intelligence community says was meant to influence the election.

“There’s no doubt that the Russians and others have hacked,” said Sen, John McCain on CBS. “Now, the question is the intention.”

McCain and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer both appeared on CBS to talk about what can be done by the Senate on Russian hacking. Lawmakers began calling for bipartisan investigations and hearings on hacking last week, but the calls for the investigations grew louder in the wake of President-elect Trump releasing a statement denying the hacking ever took place.

Schumer said a straightforward investigation needs to be done in order to restore public trust in the electoral process. He said senators from both parties need to get all the facts and present them to the American public.

“This is serious, serious stuff,” he said. “It’s serious that an election was tried to be influenced. We have to find the answers.”

Independent Maine Sen. Angus King said on CNN the best way to fight against Russian interference in American affairs is to put all the information in front of the public.

He said he’s met with officials from Baltic states who say the only way to fight Russian meddling is to be honest brokers with the public. That transparency about Russian interference is often the best medicine, he said.

“This is an attack on democracy and it’s absolutely consistent with what they’re doing around the world,” he said.

Trump is making a mistake by attacking the intelligence community over their reports of Russian interference, King said.

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On Friday night, Trump released a statement implying that the intelligence community shouldn’t be trusted when it comes to reports of Russian hacking, since it gave faulty information in the run-up to the Iraq War. He said the controversy is being politicized and no one really knows who was involved.

King said there are good, smart people inside the intelligence community, and Trump should take their advice.

“He’s too defensive right now, and I can understand that, but this is serious business,” King said. “This is not a partisan issue.”

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