Louise Mensch, founder and editor of Dow Jones’ Heat Street website, argued Saturday that alleged Russian hacks of US politicians amounted to an “act of war” and that the US ought to reply with hacks, sanctions and bombs.

“I want precision bombing raids. Bank hacks. Massive cyber war. Russia is a paper bear cub let [America’s president] show Putin what alpha means,” she wrote on Twitter.

The British former politician also argued that Congress ought to prohibit President-elect Donald Trump from taking office and hand the White House instead to Vice President-elect Mike Pence. She further called for the FBI to arrest Trump for having insulted American intelligence services publicly.

Should Trump be impeached, she predicted that a President Pence “will take the fight to Putin once Trump campaign’s simple treason is laid bare.”

The Heat Street editor said that the US would win decisively over Russia and there would be no larger conflict. While Putin “talks smack” about World War III, she predicted Russia’s “oligarchs would kill him first.”

In any event, Putin has “NO MILITARY MIGHT compared to America #America First,” she tweeted.

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The immediate cause of Mensch’s pique seems to have been reports that Trump may pick Exxon CEO Rex Tiller to head the State Department. As an executive for the world’s largest oil company, Tillerson has had extensive dealings with Putin and Russia.

If Trump isn’t arrested or immediately impeached and goes ahead and makes that appointment, she suggested and with “80 percent” certainty, the US Senate will not confirm Tillerson.

News the same day cast some doubt on that percentage as Sen. John McCain, R.-Ariz., one of Tillerson’s most likely Senate critics, pledged to give the president-elect’s nominees a chance and keep an open mind.

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“Right now we have no peace and we have no strength,” McCain told Fox.

12/10/16 4:42 PM

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