President-elect Trump credited his supporters with revealing the dishonesty of the media Friday at the Dow Chemical hangar in Baton Rouge.

“The one thing we have done, we have exposed the credibility of the press,” Trump said during his Louisiana rally.

“They have the lowest credibility of anybody,” he added.

Trump’s attacks on the media have intensified in the days since his upset victory stunned most members of the political press corps. His barbs have created a sense of mutual distrust between the president-elect and many of the left-leaning reporters that cover him.

Trump’s characteristically tough talk on immigration Friday whipped the Baton Rouge crowd into chants of “build the wall.”

“We fight for other countries so they can have a border, but we don’t fight for our own border,” Trump said.

He said he planned to instruct his Justice Department to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undermined the American economy.

Trump’s visit was meant to boost turnout in favor of State Treasurer John Kennedy ahead of the the Senate run-off on Saturday.

Kennedy has enjoyed a significant lead over Foster Campbell, a Democratic member of the Louisiana Public Service Commission, in polls leading up to the election.

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Louisiana’s election system requires an automatic run-off to occur if no candidate wins 50 percent of the vote. Instead of having traditional primaries, all candidates run in the general election and the top two vote-getters survive to compete in the run-off regardless of their affiliation.

Even if Campbell notched an upset victory over Kennedy this weekend, Republicans would still control the Senate with 51 votes.

The president-elect kicked off the event by urging voters to turn out for Kennedy on Saturday.

“If you go to the polls, he’s going to win,” Trump said.

“And if he doesn’t win, I’ve got myself a problem in Washington,” he added, joking that he might not be able to “build the wall” if Kennedy loses the election.

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