Congress excluded clean energy tax credits from a short-term spending bill that must pass by Friday, forcing industry groups to turn to President-elect Trump and the next Congress.

“The expiration of these tax credits impacts both the residential and commercial markets, and is a punch to the gut to businesses and consumers who made energy-efficient investments,” said Doug Dougherty, president of the Geothermal Exchange Organization, which represents geothermal heat pump manufacturers. Congressional inaction “will threaten” tens of thousands of jobs due to Congress’ inaction, he added.

The House Appropriations Committee released the continuing budget resolution stopgap bill Thursday night, including $170 million to fight lead contamination in the drinking water in Flint, Mich., funding for coal miners’ pensions that was about to expire on Dec. 31, and a number of space research projects including NASA weather satellites, but no clean energy.

A number of expired or expiring tax credits for clean energy technologies had been left out of last year’s omnibus spending bill that extended tax credits for large utility-scale wind projects and rooftop solar. The other tax credits for such items as hydrogen fuel cells, geothermal heat pumps and small residential wind turbines were left out of the deal and are set to expire at the end of 2016.

Attempts were made to include the orphaned subsidies in other bills during the year, but to no avail as conservative groups successfully lobbied the Republican majority to resist including the “green pork.”

Dougherty is now focused on the next Congress’ willingness to address the clean energy credits in tax reform legislation that is expected to be taken up in 2017.

“As tax reform legislation is considered in early 2017, we hope that congressional leaders commit to a fair application of the tax code and ensure that the geothermal heat pump industry can compete on a level playing field with other clean, renewable energy technologies,” he said Tuesday night. “Thousands of U.S. jobs are depending on it.”

He told the Washington Examiner that his group is also seeking to meet with the Trump transition team to convey the importance of investment tax credits to spur investment and create American jobs. Dougherty said the Carrier deal that Trump negotiated last week was helped along by tax incentives provided by Indiana.

The air-conditioning company decided last week not to offshore 1,000 jobs from Indiana to Mexico after talking to Trump. The president-elect had singled out the company during his campaign as an example of what American companies should not be doing to U.S. jobs.

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Scott Pruitt is one of 28 attorneys general suing the EPA over its Clean Power Plan regulations.

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Employees with a fuel cell manufacturer with facilities in Ohio and upstate New York sent a letter to Trump Monday asking him to support the incentives and to lean on Congress to pass an extension before the end of the year. Fuel cells have become a viable energy technology spurred on originally by a Republican initiative that started under former President George W. Bush’s administration. There has been bipartisan support for the technology.

“Fixing things in Washington is one of the reasons why we are proud to be Ohioans and upstate New Yorkers who voted for you, President-elect Trump,” the letter signed by employees with the company Plug Power wrote on Monday. “You are not afraid to call out mistakes when you see them and you work quickly to fix them. And one of those mistakes is Congress picking winners and losers.”

The auto industry has maintained a strong commitment to developing the fuel-cell technology, and the technology has become commercialized as a clean, zero-emission electricity resource with its only emission being water vapor.

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“That will not be an obstacle,” Pelosi said.

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