Rep. Darrell Issa accused President Obama on Monday of resisting the kinds of changes that need to be made in order to give people confidence in the accuracy of U.S. elections.

The California Republican, who barely won his re-election bid in a vote that was settled three weeks after people voted, didn’t go so far as to say “millions” of people voted illegally last month, as President-elect Trump has claimed. But he also rejected claims from CNN host Chris Cuomo that just “handfuls” of votes were improperly cast.

“States have been trying to [improve voting rules], and this president has been fighting,” Issa said on CNN. “President Obama has been fighting against the kinds of things that would build confidence back into our voting system.”

Issa said several rules are in place today that are causing voters to question whether people are voting illegally.

“In my own state, in my own election, I had a pair of ballots where, obviously, a spouse voted their dead husband,” Issa said. “The fact is, illegal voting goes on.”

“In California, do you believe voters really believe [in the system], when they show up at the voting booth, and get told to put their ID away, they’re not allowed to look at it?” Issa asked. “When they realize that you can have same-day balloting with no proof, that you can have 50 people living at a single residence?”

“I’m not saying whether there’s millions, or your underestimation of a handful,” he said. “The fact is, we need to bring an absolute form of confidence.”

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