Secretary of State John Kerry said that President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team didn’t reach out to the State Department before taking a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan.

“We have not been contacted before any of these conversations,” Kerry said during the Brookings Institution’s 2016 Saban Forum, an annual forum between American and Israeli officials, on Sunday. “We have not been requested to provide talking points.”

Trump appears to be the first president in more than three decades to speak with a Taiwanese leader, taking a congratulatory phone call Friday from President Tsai Ing-Wen. The incident called into question whether Trump was fully aware of the longstanding One China policy.

China’s leadership called Ing-wen “petty” for calling Trump, but refrained from criticizing the president-elect.

Kerry said that State Department wasn’t called before the Taiwan call or another call with the president of Pakistan.

He said that there is a value in getting recommendations from people at State.

Kerry refused to weigh in on how the transition is going to the Trump administration.

“I’m not going to make that judgment either because there isn’t a nominee for secretary of state,” he said.

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