Kellyanne Conway, the campaign manager who led President-elect Trump to victory, proposed on Friday evening two possibilities for what her role going forward could look like.

“It’s called the Kellyanne role,” Conway told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “Whatever he wants it to be. I can either go inside and be in the West Wing or be outside and build a whole political operation — basically build the superstructure that we tap into to help push forward President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees.”

Conway plans to put her background as president and CEO of the Polling Company to use wherever Trump and the transition team believe it is most helpful to helping the administration push through opposition from Democrats and progressive groups in Washington.

She also dismissed claims this week that she and Trump have had disagreements about the White House transition process. Last Sunday, Conway told CNN a number of people would feel “betrayed” if Trump appointed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to secretary of state. Conway also tweeted additional statements along the same lines, but said on Friday she is one voice of many he listens to and that her feedback was welcomed.

“I would resign because I believe in him and I know he’s going to be a great president,” Conway said in response to the media chatter.

Trump’s transition team communications director Jason Miller said earlier this week that Trump had given Conway permission to share her comments on social media.

“The president-elect and Kellyanne and myself were sharing a chuckle about that this evening,” Miller told Fox News’ “Kelly File. “Kellyanne chatted with the president-elect in advance of going out with her comments, asking his permission to voice her opinions on the matter and he said ‘go for it.'”

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