California’s largest public-employee union announced that they have reached a deal with Gov. Jerry Brown, bringing contract talks to a conclusion that end rumblings of a potential strike.

The deal between the state and SIEU Local 1000, which represents about 95,000 workers in California, will improve working conditions, compensation, and health and safety, according to Yvonne Walker, the union president.

“This is a victory we achieved by thousands of members standing together across the state, taking action in our worksites, and having an unrelenting willingness to strike if it became necessary,” Walker said in a statement.

“Together we showed the state the power of our commitment to each other, to our families and to our communities.”

On Friday, union leaders announced that they had cancelled the planned strike on Monday after finding a “pathway forward” on a deal with Brown.

Last month, union members voted to go through with the strike after the state declined to move at all on their initial offer. The offer reportedly included a 12 percent pay hike, which the union said would be effectively cancelled out by a 3.5 percent employee contribution to retiree’s health care.

The two parties have been at the bargaining table for nearly eight months, with the two issues standing as the main sticking points and roadblocks to any potential deal.

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