A local Indiana reporter was denied access to President-elect Donald Trump’s event at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis on Thursday, but he says it wasn’t Trump’s team who barred his entry.

Rafael Sanchez, who is an investigative reporter for RTV6, is known for being one of the leading figures probing Carrier’s anticipated closure of its Indianapolis factory and move the operation to Mexico. He was denied press credential access to the event where Trump announced his deal with Carrier to keep more than 1,000 jobs from moving to Mexico, according to the news channel. According to Sanchez, Carrier, not Trump, was to blame for the ban.

“I was not allowed inside the Carrier plant, not because of the Trump-Pence team,” Sanchez said in a video posted on social media. “They referred me to the Carrier Corporation, which had some say who was allowed in their building. As you know, I’ve been covering the Carrier announcement since February.”

According to the news network, Sanchez, who interviewed Carrier employees about their frustration with the company and went to Mexico to investigate the expected low wages of the workers there, had reached out to Carrier over the course of his 10-month investigation, only to receive written statements and missed calls.

RTV6 says Carrier executives did approve entry for another RTV6 reporter and photographer, along with several other local journalists.

Trump confirms 'Mad Dog' Mattis is his pick for secretary of defense

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President-elect Trump will nominate legendary retired Marine Corps Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis as his defense secretary, despite a law barring recently retired generals from running the Pentagon, Trump announced Thursday at a rally in Cincinnati.

He said he will officially make the announcement Monday next week.

Mattis, beloved by his troops and widely respected by military and civilian leaders alike, is expected to easily get a waiver from Congress to the federal statute that requires the defense secretary to come from civilian life, or be out of uniform seven years.

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