The White House is rejecting accusations that plans to rush a series of executive orders and “midnight” regulations since President-elect Trump’s unexpected election victory last month.

“The regulatory work that is being done in this administration is not going to be characterized as a last-minute rush on the way out the door,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday. “I think it will be characterized as a continuous and persistent effort to complete the work that has already been started.”

In the waning days of President Obama’s second term, federal agencies are attempting to push through 98 regulations, many of which would have an estimated economic impact of $100 million annually. Republicans, meanwhile, have warned agencies against finalizing the regulations before President-elect Trump takes office, citing the Congressional Review Act in their opposition.

But Earnest said the current “rule-making actions began before the outcome of the election was known.”

The White House also weighed in on Trump’s regulatory reform proposals, particularly his promise to terminate two existing federal regulations for every new one his administration issues.

“With regard to this idea of taking away two rules for every new rule that’s initiated – that’s the kind of thing that sounds good on the campaign trail but may be a little more complicated when you implement it,” Earnest told reporters.

“The reason I say that is not because the president is against eliminating regulations,” he quickly added, noting that Obama has strived to “take away rules that don’t make sense anymore, are outdated or unnecessarily cumbersome.

“Each of those rules that are being considered for repeal should be considered on the merits, and not because somebody vowed to repeal [the rules],” Earnest advised the incoming administration.

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