President-elect Donald Trump has already delivered on his promise to make America “win again” without even stepping foot in the Oval Office, Vice President-elect Mike Pence said during a visit to Indiana on Thursday.

Flanked by the incoming Republican president and United Technologies CEO Greg Hayes, Pence praised Trump for brokering a deal with the air-conditioning company Carrier to keep 1,100 manufacturing jobs at the Indianapolis plant rather than moving them to Mexico.

“The President-elect did just what he said he would do: He picked up the phone and talked from one American to another. He talked about our plans to make American companies more competitive, to reduce taxes, to roll back regulations, to put American workers back to work and create American jobs again,” Pence told Carrier employees.

“We’re so grateful that thanks to the initiative of our president-elect, and thanks to the confidence of Greg Hayes, that Carrier has decided to stay in Indiana, invest more than $16 million in this facility alone and keep more than 1,000 jobs right here in the heart of the heartland,” he said.

“Today, America won and we have Donald Trump to thank,” Pence said, gesturing toward the president-elect.

Trump said he contacted Hayes shortly after his unexpected election victory last month and arranged to meet with Carrier executives earlier this week. The president-elect announced that he had reached a deal with the company on Wednesday, drawing praise from lawmakers across the aisle and the Obama administration.

“I just want to let all of the other companies know that we’re going to do great things for business. There’s no reason to leave anymore,” Trump said Thursday.

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