The top children’s hospital in the Chicagoland area won’t be covered in-network for any Obamacare plans next year.

Lurie Children’s Hospital is the latest in a growing list of top Illinois hospitals that will now cost Obamacare customers much more to access, now that all four marketplace insurers covering the hospital in-network for 2016 are dropping it from their provider networks next year.

Lurie was in-network this year for four marketplace plans, including Coventry, Harken, United Compass and Land of Lincoln. But Land of Lincoln folded a few months ago, the other three have narrowed their networks for next year and other Obamacare insurers never covered the hospital to begin with.

Lurie has posted a notice on its website, warning patients that they will need to get prior authorization from their marketplace plan before getting care — or they’ll likely have to pay the full bill.

“If you choose an exchange plan, you will need a prior authorization of services from that plan,” the hospital wrote. “Without a prior authorization your child’s care at Lurie Children’s would be out-of-network. This means that it is very likely you will be responsible for most or all of the costs.”

While Obamacare marketplaces around the country are suffering from spiking premiums and reduced plan options, Illinois’ marketplace has suffered especially high rate hikes and insurer contractions. Besides Lurie Children’s, University of Chicago Medicine, Rush University Medical Center and Northwestern Memorial Hospital are also excluded from all marketplace plans.

Lurie Children’s is a pediatric specialty hospital with more than 1,200 doctors. Its pediatrics residency program is ranked 17th in the country.

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