Former Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein’s running mate is concerned about how the well-funded effort to initiate recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania makes their political party look.

“It’s a shame the recount has resulted in questions regarding our motives after waging a powerful campaign against 2 corrupt candidates,” Ajamu Baraka tweeted Wednesday.

The human rights activist came out against Stein’s recount push this week, telling CNN on Tuesday that it “was a potentially dangerous move” because to some people it looks like Stein is fishing for a way to overturn Republican Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory and hand the White House to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“It would be seen as carrying the water for the Democrats,” Baraka said.

So far, Stein has raised over $6.5 million and has filed for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and a selection of precincts in Pennsylvania over the last week.

Stein has defended herself against accusations that she is pulling for an outcome favoring Clinton. Flipping the vote in all three swing states would hand Clinton enough Electoral College votes to defeat Trump. Fueling some pushback this week was news that Clinton’s lawyer has filed a motion Tuesday to join in on the Wisconsin recount effort.

Stein, however, has been resolute in characterizing her recount effort as a way to ensure the integrity of the vote, following reports of “irregularities” in vote counting machines used in each state.

“I believe that Dr. Stein sincerely believed that she had an obligation, grounded in her commitment to the principle of election integrity, to mount a challenge to the results in those three states,” Baraka wrote in a Facebook post this week, adding that “the notion that her decision was made for any other reason than that is a position that I cannot support.”

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While admitting some in the Green Party support Stein’s recount campaign, Baraka said “many” others are opposed to the decision.

“It is unfortunate that after waging a courageous campaign to build an independent, principled political opposition to the two racist, capitalist/imperialist parties,” Baraka wrote, “the recount effort has resulted in serious questions regarding the motivations of the recount that threatens to damage the standing and reputation of the Green party, its supporters, and activists.”

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