Air conditioning manufacturer Carrier will keep some jobs in Indiana rather than relocate them to Mexico, thanks to a deal with the incoming Trump administration that is reported to include some inducements from the state of Indiana.

Carrier announced that it was “pleased” to have reached a deal with President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence in a tweet sent Tuesday evening.

Trump will travel to Indiana on Thursday to announce the deal, CNBC’s David Faber reported Tuesday evening.

The company said that 1,000 jobs would remain in Indianapolis, out of 1,400 jobs that were supposed to be relocated from Indianapolis to Monterrey. The deal will include incentives from the government, Faber reported.

Carrier had announced in February that it would be moving the jobs, starting in 2017. The manufacturing floor announcement was captured on video, and quickly drew attention, including from Trump as he campaigned for the presidency.

Trump has made keeping the specific jobs in the country a priority following the election, tweeting on Thanksgiving that he was “working hard” on a deal.

The details of any deal, however, were not available Tuesday evening.

Trump has also sought to keep Ford from moving any production jobs out of the country, and early in November claimed credit for preventing them from shifting manufacturing out of the country. Only one product line was involved in the switch, according to the company, and it is not clear how many jobs were affected.

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