Jason Miller, communications director for President-elect Trump’s transition team, said on Monday evening that former campaign chairman Kellyanne Conway was not going rogue when she criticized Mitt Romney on Twitter and Sunday morning news shows.

“The president-elect and Kellyanne and myself were sharing a chuckle about that this evening,” Miller told Fox News’ “Kelly File. “Kellyanne chatted with the president-elect in advance of going out with her comments, asking his permission to voice her opinions on the matter and he said ‘go for it.'”

MSNBC reported that Trump was “furious” with public remarks made by his senior adviser. But Miller said the incoming president and vice president always planned to “take in a number of different view points” before making decisions, indicating Conway’s remark was not a rebellious one, but one of a variety of views they solicited.

In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Conway had said a “number of people” would feel “betrayed” if Trump selected Romney for a coveted Cabinet position because the 2012 GOP presidential nominee attacked Trump throughout the election.

Miller said other people are giving Trump advice on who to select for secretary of state, hinting Conway is at one end of the spectrum while others are advocating on behalf of the former Massachusetts governor.

The secretary of state announcement is not likely to come Tuesday, Miller said. Trump and Romney are expected to meet at Trump Tower Tuesday then for dinner.

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