The team running a popular pro-Trump Reddit forum said it is “not going anywhere” after Reddit CEO Steve Huffman was caught stealth-editing comments from the discussion board’s users last week.

“In light of Spez’s antics, it has become abundantly clear that we are not welcome here. GOOD,” a moderator using the pseudonym IFIFIFOKIEDOKE wrote in a post Monday, referring to Huffman’s Reddit username u/spez. “Reddit admins have reached out to us and accused us of ‘fostering,’ and ‘encouraging,’ harassment. BULLSHIT.”

The moderator of “r/The_Donald” added that the “centipedes”, which are pro-Trump “redditors” who post on their thread, “don’t harass anyone — we don’t have to. Alphas don’t need to put someone else down — and every one of you glorious shitposters is an ALPHA, make no mistake.”

Last week before the stealth-edit controversy, Reddit users were seething when the site that prides itself as being “the best place online to have truly authentic conversations,” banned the “Pizzagate” discussion board, where a conspiracy theory was being floated about Hillary Clinton running a pedophilia ring. Pizzagate went down due to a violation of “content policy” after users began posting the personal information of real people who were tied into the theory, like a pizza restaurant owner in Washington, after which they reportedly received death threats.

Redditors using r/The_Donald were upset with what they viewed as unnecessary censorship, and slung a flurry of disparaging comments in Huffman’s direction. On Wednesday, one Reddit user provided what purported to be evidence of Huffman editing some of the insults directed at him, by replacing his name with the names of r/The_Donald moderators.

Afterward, Huffman admitted to accusations, saying he “messed with” some of the comments “for about an hour,” and apologized in a message on Reddit. “I abused my power to give the bullies a hard time,” he later told the Washington Post.

Despite his promise never to repeat his actions, backlash to Huffman’s admission has ignited further concern about censorship and some are calling for his resignation. This year in particular, with accusations of Facebook of playing favorites with liberal-leaning news stories while suppressing conservative news and other sites such as Twitter for suspending the accounts of some alt-right users, many social media users are feeling extra cynical about any moderation performed by site administrators.

“I think it would be in the best interest of reddit.com for Huffman to resign from his position as CEO and for the site to focus on hiring a more intellectually diverse and tolerant staff,” the former moderator who used to go by the pseudonym “TehDonald” told the Washington Examiner in an email exchange.

IFIFIFOKIEDOKE wrote that r/The_Donald doesn’t allow “hateful private messages” and that harassment of any time would lead to a ban from the forum. The moderator also accused the site of attempting to enforce “unique” rules on their thread while refusing to address other subreddits dedicated to harassing and slandering their community. They added that Reddit administrators have openly admitted that the website “leans left.”

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“[I]t should come as no surprise that we find no allies here,” the moderator wrote.

Should Reddit ban the r/The_Donald community, the organizers have a plan.

“We have a plan, Centipedes. We will never reveal that plan outside of the tiny group of people that know – we aren’t going to reveal our strategies the way Bobama revealed his battle plans to ISIS,” IFIFIFOKIEDOKE wrote. “Should we be banned from Reddit, we will announce a new organizing location from our Twitter account, @thedonaldreddit. Spread the word. We will not be silenced.”

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