A recount of presidential election in Wisconsin is very unlikely to overturn the election results unless “there’s been massive, coordinated manipulation of results,” said statistics guru Nate Silver.

Silver tweeted Sunday that the recount planned for Wisconsin is not really a recount looking for additional votes, but “more like an audit or an investigation into possible fraud.”

However, finding such fraud is very, very unlikely, said Silver, who runs FiveThirtyEight for ESPN. How unlikely he couldn’t say, ranging from 1-in-20 or 1-in-20,000.

“But I worry that people will grasp at straws, and claim to detect anomalies in perfectly normal results,” he tweeted.

Green Party nominee Jill Stein called for the recount, spurred by media reports of alleged hacking or tampering. So far there is no hard evidence of any tampering of the results.

Stein — who crowdfunded her recount efforts — also wants to pursue a recount in Michigan and Pennsylvania, swing states that went for Trump in the 2016 election.

While Stein initiated the recount, Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign said it would participate in the process.

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Trump didn’t take kindly to the recount effort, launching a tweetstorm on Sunday morning that Clinton already conceded and that traditionally “we have accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them.”

Silver blasted Trump’s response, tweeting that “the peaceful-transition-of-power playbook doesn’t usually include taunting your opponents.”

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