Former Gov. Mitt Romney, one of President-elect Trump’s shortlisted candidates for secretary of state, is a “self-serving egomaniac,” according to a New York congressman.

Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., said on CNN Monday morning that Romney would be a poor choice for secretary of state because he wants to be president, not secretary of state.

“I know that he is a self-serving egomaniac who puts himself first, who has a chip on his shoulder, who thinks that he should be president of the United States,” Collins said.

Trump’s supporters have been slamming his consideration of Romney for secretary of state due to the Utah Republican’s outspoken opposition to Trump during the election. Romney and Trump exchanged insults often during the GOP primary, including Romney calling Trump a “con man” and a “fraud.”

Top Trump advisers, like former Speaker Newt Gingrich, have taken to the airwaves to slam Romney since the former governor and Trump met two weekends ago. Collins was the latest to cast doubt on whether Romney would be loyal to Trump, a main criticism of the former Republican presidential nominee.

“My problem is that Mitt Romney is a bit of a lone wolf and might not take the advice or the direction of President-elect Trump,” he said.

Meanwhile, Trump is reportedly “furious” with top aide Kellyanne Conway for her comments Sunday slamming his consideration of Romney.

MSNBC reported Monday morning two sources in Trump’s transition team said Trump is angry at Conway for telling reporters consideration of Romney would leave Trump supporters feeling “betrayed.”

The aides reported Conway went rogue and is pushing her own agenda instead of pushing Trump’s message.

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