“Never Trump” conservative Mindy Finn rushed to the defense of Mitt Romney, who came under fire Sunday by Trump allies amid reports that he is a leading candidate to be the president-elect’s pick for secretary of state.

Finn, who was the running mate of former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, blasted what she said was a focus on “Cabinet shenanigans.” Instead, Finn said the focus should be placed on “who is capitulating to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s assault on the country we love.”

Romney, the 2012 GOP nominee, “identified the Russian threat when running for Pres, despite media ridicule. Look how he’s being treated by Trump now. Telling,” Finn tweeted.

Finn’s comments follow at least two members of Trump’s inner circle coming out on the offensive against Romney. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s senior adviser, said Sunday on CNN that his supporters would feel “betrayed” if Romney were to get the most prominent Cabinet post. She explained further on ABC that Romney “went out of his way to hurt” Trump throughout the campaign.

In a “Fox & Friends” segment, longtime Trump ally Newt Gingrich echoed Conway, saying Trump supporters would be “enormously disappointed” with Romney as the nation’s top diplomat. “I think there is nothing Romney can say that doesn’t sound phony or pathetic,” he added.

Both Conway and Gingrich said they would support Trump’s decision, regardless of who he picks.

Finn suggested that Trump’s foreign policy plans, including his secretary of state pick, will be unconventional.

“Trump foregoing intel briefings, relying more on talks w/ foreign leaders. SecState & others unlikely to play the traditional roles,” Finn tweeted.

Gingrich: Trump supporters would be 'enormously disappointed' in Romney pick

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Gingrich criticized Romney as someone who didn’t support Trump during the campaign.

11/27/16 2:15 PM

A qualified secretary of state will have “appropriate credentials, temperament,” she said, adding, “Let’s hope they spend more time on foreign vs intra-WH conflict.”

Conway: Trump backers would feel 'betrayed' with Romney leading State

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“I only wish Gov. Romney had been as critical of Hillary Clinton,” she added.

11/27/16 10:10 AM

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