Fox News analyst Monica Crowley is under consideration to be the next White House press secretary, according to a report.

Crowley joins a host of others, including Republican National Committee chief strategist Sean Spicer, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham and Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, whose names have been floated in connection with the top communications position.

According to Politico, Crowley is viewed as a loyal supporter of President-elect Trump by members of his transition team, many of whom were impressed with her early understanding of the coalition Trump set out to build and his appeal among working class whites.

For instance, Crowley suggested that Trump was “resurrecting the ‘great, silent majority,'” in a column published in June 2015, less than a month after the billionaire announced his bid for the presidency.

But as Crowley remains under consideration, Ingraham, another female Fox News contributor, is actively jockeying for the press secretary position.

Per Politico:

Ingraham has confirmed that her name is in the mix and hinted, in her public comments addressing the speculation, that she wants a role in shaping the Trump agenda. But she apparently wants a title that elevates her beyond just dominating the spin cycle.
“It’s a big decision, but I’m at the point where, if my country needs me, and if I can do something to actually, you know, advance the Trump agenda, which is stuff I have written about now for 15 years, with trade, immigration and just renewing America, then I obviously have to seriously consider that,” she told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

The Trump transition team has offered few hints about who’s at the top of its list to handle the White House press corps, though the president-elect has said he appreciated Ingraham’s unwavering loyalty to him during the general election.

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