The Wisconsin Elections Commission has charged an internal team with overseeing a statewide recount of presidential votes after receiving separate recount requests from the Green Party’s Jill Stein and Reform Party candidate Rocky De La Fuente.

“The commission is preparing to move forward with a statewide recount of votes for president of the United States, as requested by these candidates,” WEC administrator Michael Haas said in a statement Friday evening.

Haas’ announcement comes just hours after local Green Party officials held a press conference in which they formally announced their intention to file a petition for a statistical audit of election results on the basis that hundreds of electronic voting machines may have been hacked.

“We have been in close consultation with our county clerk partners, and have arranged for legal representation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice,” Haas said Friday, noting that the WEC plans to meet with county clerks next week, once Stein has paid the recount fee, to get the recount underway.

Stein raised more than $4 million over the weekend to cover the costs associated with recounts in at least three swing states, and Haas said the commission is still determining what fee will be in Wisconsin.

“The commission is in the process of obtaining cost estimates from county clerks so that we can calculate the fee which the campaigns will need to pay before the recount can start,” Haas said.

A statewide recount requires that all ballots, including thousands that may have initially been hand counted, “be examined to determine voter intent before being retabulated,” the commission noted in a statement.

“In addition, the county boards of canvassers will examine other documents, including poll lists, written absentee applications, rejected absentee ballots, and provisional ballots before counting the votes,” the statement continued.

The recount in Wisconsin is expected to begin next week and be finished by Dec. 13, a deadline set by federal election officials that could force those involved to “work evenings and weekends,” Haas said.

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“Recounting votes is an open, transparent process in which each of the candidates may have representatives present to raise objections, and where the public may be present to observe,” he added.

According to the current vote totals released by the commission, President-elect Trump received 1,404,000 votes in the Badger State and Hillary Clinton received 1,381,823.

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