President-elect Trump’s choice to lead the Department of Education would end up working to “defund and destabilize public schools,” according to the head of one of the largest teachers’ unions.

“What Betsy DeVos does, what she did in Detroit, what she has done throughout the country, is not have some kids get an advantage in some way, form or manner, but defund and destabilize public schools,” American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said on MSNBC Thursday.

DeVos, an outspoken supporter of school choice, was announced as Trump’s nominee Wednesday.

Weingarten said there’s a role for charter schools to play in ensuring educational choice for parents and students. But she said DeVos goes beyond that and is looking to take money away from public schools.

“I just spent weeks working in Michigan, where the entire city of Detroit came together on a school reform plan. Republicans, Democrats, clergy, teachers, parents, the mayor,” Weingarten said. “Betsy DeVos opposed it and spent $1.4 million in six weeks to get … a failure of that plan.”

“What she was focused on is to stop charters from being accountable,” she said. “Ultimately, we need to help all kids have a decent education. There’s a role for charters in that. But what she’s done is she’s taken a sledgehammer to public education, and that’s why we are so opposed to it.”

“There’s a big difference between wanting to lift all boats and wanting to destabilize, defund public schools,” Weingarten warned.

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