President-elect Trump has asked Dr. Ben Carson to be his Housing and Urban Development secretary, according to an Associated Press report published Tuesday evening.

The former neurosurgeon acknowledged hours earlier in a television interview that Trump was considering him for the job. Carson said he will be “praying” over the Thanksgiving Day weekend about whether he should join the administration.

“I would say that was one of the offers that’s on the table,” Carson responded Tuesday when the host of “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Fox News asked if the Trump surrogate had an official job offer.

“Well, you know our inner cities are in terrible shape and they definitely need some real attention. You know, there have been so many promises made over the last several decades … it certainly is something that has been a long-term interest of mine and I’ll be thinking and praying about it seriously over the holiday,” Carson added, citing his first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to grow up in the inner city.

Carson said he has received multiple “offers” but did not disclose other positions he and Trump’s transition team have discussed.

Trump tweeted Tuesday that he was “seriously considering” Carson to oversee HUD, after Trump and Carson met at Trump Tower. The former 2016 Republican presidential candidate said late last week that he was not interested in a Cabinet position, amid speculation he could be appointed to lead the Department of Education or Health and Human Services.

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