President Obama has given most presidential appointees until Dec. 7 to hand in their resignation in order to make room for new appointees under the Trump administration.

The Office of Personnel Management explained the process in a Friday memo to agencies.

“On November 7, 2016, President Barack Obama requested letters of resignation from all non-termed presidential appointees by December 7, 2016,” the memo said. “This was done to provide the maximum flexibility to the President-elect in assembling his/her administration.”

On Nov. 7, it wasn’t clear yet who would win, but Trump ended up surprising almost everyone by defeating Hillary Clinton.

As a result of Obama’s memo, the OPM will halt the processing of senior executive service reviews on Dec. 7.

However, OPM said it would “consider requests for exceptions” to that moratorium. Those exceptions have to be approved by agency chiefs, and must explain “the potential for adverse impact on national security, homeland security, or a critical agency mission, program, or function” if the candidate isn’t processed.

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