President Obama on Sunday refused to blame Hillary Clinton for the Democrats’ failure to win the White House or take back the House or Senate, and instead said improved messaging and better luck will help Democrats in future years.

Several pundits have blamed Democratic losses on Clinton, since 2 million fewer Democratic voters went to the polls this year compared to Obama’s last election in 2012. But Obama didn’t pin the blame on Clinton, and instead blamed Democratic messaging.

“Democrats do have to do some thinking about how do we make sure that the message we have is received effectively and results in winning elections,” Obama said Sunday in Lima, Peru.

Obama said messaging was the main culprit in large part because so many of his own policies are popular, and Clinton had promised to pursue them.

“The majority believes in raising the minimum wage,” he said. “The majority believes in common-sense gun safety rules. The majority believes in investing to rebuild our infrastructure and create jobs. The majority believes in making sure that people aren’t going bankrupt when they get sick. The majority agrees with all the individual components of Obamacare.”

Aside from messaging, Obama said another reason Democrats didn’t do well is the “nature of our system.” While some Democrats have called for an end to the Electoral College, Obama didn’t go that far, and instead indicated he was talking about how Republicans have a natural advantage in the Senate.

“As long as Wyoming gets the same number of senators as California, there’s going to be some tilt towards Republicans when it comes to congressional races,” he said. “The fact that a lot of Democratic voters are bunched up in big cities, and a lot of Republican voters are spread out across geography gives them an advantage when it comes to congressional races.”

He also blamed “bad luck” for some of the Democrats’ recent political defeats in Congress.

“Some of it is just political bad luck,” he said. “For example, I came in as an economy was in free fall, and although we took the right steps to save the economy, in my midterm election in 2010, people couldn’t yet see the recovery and, not surprisingly, the president’s party got punished.”

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Still, Obama said Democrats “can’t make excuses” about the current rules and political circumstances.

“That’s the deal, and we got to do better,” he said. “And I think doing better, as I said, involves us working at the grassroots; not ceding territory; going out into areas where right now we may not stand a chance of actually winning but we’re building up a cadre of young talent; we’re making arguments; we’re persuading; we’re talking about the things that matter to ordinary people, day to day, and trying to avoid some of the constant distractions that fill up people’s Twitter accounts.”

“[I]f we do that, then I’m confident that we’ll be back on track,” he said. “I don’t think that there has to be a complete overhaul here.”

While adviser to President-elect Trump Stephen Bannon said Republicans may keep the White House for the next several decades, Obama said that wouldn’t happen.

“Well, no, I’m not worried about being the last Democratic president,” Obama said. “The Democratic nominee won the popular vote, and obviously this was an extremely competitive race and I would expect that future races will be competitive as well.”

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