The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee called on Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Monday to stop any effort to change “long-standing policy” at the Defense Department prior to the inauguration.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., wrote in a letter that Carter should not make any major changes to military personnel ratings, standards, uniforms and jobs in the next two months.

“Many of the department’s recent actions in this regard have been questionable and misguided, and any effort to continue in that direction during a presidential transition and lame-duck session of Congress would be inappropriate,” his letter said.

The Obama administration has overseen several major cultural changes to the military, including allowing gays and transgender troops to serve only and opening all combat positions to women. Most recently, the Navy announced broad changes to the Navy’s rating system, which met immediate blowback from sailors.

McCain wrote that Congress will work next year “building on the landmark reforms that begun over the past two years” on the military personnel system.

“This important, bipartisan work will proceed with the transparency, public scrutiny, and congressional oversight that it deserves. Until that time, please refrain from making and further implementing any major policy changes through executive action,” McCain wrote.

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11/21/16 2:19 PM

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