Ed Rollins, a longtime GOP strategist, doesn’t want President-elect Trump to nominate Mitt Romney as secretary of state due to his anti-Trump rhetoric during the campaign.

Rollins, who ran a super political action committee supporting Trump and was the manager of President Reagan’s 1984 campaign, said it would “bother me immeasurably” if Romney got the nod to run the State Department. He also added that he isn’t sure why Trump is looking at Romney for the position to begin with.

“I don’t know to be perfectly honest,” Rollins told host Laura Ingraham when asked what the thinking is behind the possible move. “I have to be perfectly honest, it bothers me a little bit. I think Romney went above and beyond the pale.

“You can basically say I’m not going to vote for you, I disagree with you, but he was the nominee four years ago. A lot of us weren’t very happy about that, but we voted for him, we supported him,” Rollins continued. “To not show up at the convention, to basically feel like he was the opposition, which he was all the way through, it bothered me immeasurably and it would bother me.

“I think there a lot of qualified people who served the candidate well and I think they would be a better choice,” he added.

Ingraham, a vocal Trump supporter who admitted she is under consideration to be the next White House press secretary, said she agreed due to the personal nature of Romney’s attacks, particularly about Trump’s business acumen. She added that the former Massachusetts governor’s attacks against Trump show “bad judgment” on his part, which Rollins agreed with.

“It shows very bad judgment to me, and again, he was just the nominee four years ago. He had an obligation to the party to bring it together,” Rollins said. “He didn’t. He was the biggest bomb-thrower.

“Again, it’s Donald Trump’s choice,” Rollins said, adding, “but it would not make me feel better.”

The comments came two days after Romney met with Trump in Bedminster, N.J., where Trump held his weekend meetings. He also met with retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, who has been mentioned as a potential choice to head the Department of Defense.

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