The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reportedly urged President-elect Donald Trump on Monday to “chart a balanced course” on immigration reform, while vowing to work with him to renegotiate existing trade agreements.

“We hope you and Congress will chart a balanced course that increases security and enforcement while also improving America’s legal immigration and visa systems,” the group wrote in a letter, according to the Washington Times.

“As you know from your business career, the ability of companies to attract talent at all skill levels is a strong factor in keeping and expanding operations and jobs in the United States,” the letter continued. The chamber said the next administration “must increase international trade” in order to spur domestic job growth.

“We should avoid any course of action that constricts, rather than expands, trade,” the letter stated.

Trump has vowed to terminate the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive trade deal with 11 Asia-Pacific nations that President Obama has seemingly abandoned since his Republican successors unexpected election victory earlier this month. The chamber has supported TPP, claiming it would be “an economic shot in the arm” that would boost “growth and jobs across the country.”

But the Chamber also said it would be willing to work with Trump to “negotiate new trade deals that would be good for the country.”

“Throughout the campaign you spoke of your desire to boost U.S. exports around the world and to negotiate new trade deals that would be good for the country,” the group said. “The Chamber is prepared to work with you here, as well.”

“Our country needs a strong president to help ensure peace, security, and prosperity at home and abroad,” they added. “Together, we can put Americans back to work, we can get our economy back on track, and we can get our country back to business.”

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