Calls to national suicide hotlines have increased by 250 percent following President-elect Trump’s stunning victory over Hillary Clinton, according to crisis center data.

Officials in Illinois, which itself has seen a 200 percent increase in suicide prevention calls, are taking the issue seriously, and they’ve gone as far as to declare a public health crisis, CNN reported.

Data regarding the suicide prevention numbers in the Prairie State come from Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago CEO Patrick Magoon, who announced recently that they’re taking steps to handle the massive influx of calls.

“We’ve also been alerted about an increase in demand for counseling services at colleges and schools across our state,” Magoon said, citing crisis center data.

The hospital also said they’ve seen evidence of a spike in bullying at schools, and claimed minority students have been targeted specifically by other students who feel empowered by the 2016 campaign rhetoric.

Some classes have been canceled due to safety concerns, CNN noted, adding that members of the medical community are worrying about the mental well-being of some of the minority students.

“Whether they be adults or children who are concerned or scared, and suffering, we need to make sure that they feel the protective shield of an adult community that loves them and will connect them to appropriate services,” Colleen Cicchetti, executive director of the Center for Childhood Resilience, said recently.

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