Barron’s financial weekly urged President-elect Donald Trump to consider issuing US government bonds that don’t mature for 100 years.

Editor Randall Forsyth made the case for this new debt vehicle in the paper’s Saturday edition to address both “America’s heavy debt burden and its need for faster economic growth.”

Forsyth wrote that because of entitlements the debt would be likely to climb to $45 trillion in 20 years before any of Trump’s own spending and tax cuts are factored in.

“Given the incoming administration’s ambitious plans, and the nation’s already high debt, the president-elect might ask: What would Hamilton do?” the Barron’s editor wrote.

He argued that America’s most famous treasury secretary would take advantage of the current, almost historically low interest rates, by issuing a new kind of Treasury bonds “now – and for the longest term possible.”

The longest Treasury bonds currently mature in 30 years. Forsyth argued that that term ought to be lengthened to 100 years.

He noted that countries including Belgium, Mexico and Ireland have taken advantage this to finance their national debts at almost historically low rates.

The financial weekly painted a dire picture of what might happen if America does not get hold of the debt in this way.

“The annual interest on a $45 trillion debt load would be about $750 at today’s superlow interest rates. If rates rise to a more typical level, the interest on a $45 trillion debt would be about $1.5 trillion a year,” Forsyth warned.

Stevie Van Zandt calls out 'Hamilton' cast for 'bullying' Pence

Also from the Washington Examiner

Stevie Van Zandt criticized the cast of the musical “Hamilton” for singling out Vice President-elect Mike Pence for scolding when Pence saw the show on Broadway Friday.

“This sets a terrible precedent,” Van Zandt, an inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his role in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, tweeted Saturday.

Lin-Manuel is a genius. He has created the greatest play since West Side Story. He is also a role model. This sets a terrible precedent>— Stevie Van Zandt (@StevieVanZandt) November 19, 2016

He argued that precedent ought to be overturned by a personal apology to Pence by “Hamilton” playwright and public face Lin-Manuel Miranda.

“When artists perform the venue

11/19/16 6:10 PM

Mitt Romney meets with Trump

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“I appreciate the chance to speak to [Trump], and look forward to the coming administration.”

11/19/16 2:46 PM

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