A supporter of President-elect Trump reportedly interrupted a Saturday-night performance of “Hamilton” in Chicago with profane shouts at the show’s cast.

According to BroadwayWorld, somebody seated in the balcony shouted, “We won! You Lost! Get over it! Fuck you!” during the number “Dear Theodosia,” which is about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr coming to terms with what being a father meant in the newly formed United States.

The audience member was escorted out of the theater by security after a brief altercation.

Venue staff told BroadwayWorld that the audience member was intoxicated. Other sources told BroadwayWorld that the audience member began disturbing his fellow theater-goers after becoming irate upon hearing the line, “Immigrants, we get the job done,” which appears in the song “Yorktown” and received a round of applause.

“Immigrants, we get the job done” is a line that has been a part of the “Yorktown” song since the “Hamilton” soundtrack debuted over a year ago. It is not specifically aimed at Trump or his rhetoric about illegal immigration.

The incident was confirmed on Twitter.

One Facebook user wrote after the show, according to BroadwayWorld, “At the end, the performers were crying … So was I. They didn’t break characters once. They still sang their hearts out.”

“Hamilton” has become embroiled in controversy since Vice President-elect Pence attended a New York City performance Friday night, was booed by audience members and got an earful from the cast in a special message addressed to him after the show.

Schumer: Blue-collar America voted for Trump on Dem issues

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Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Sunday he thinks President-elect Trump won blue-collar American voters by promoting Democratic Party issues and not those championed by the GOP.

Schumer told Fox News Sunday, “I think blue-collar America voted for Donald Trump more on Democratic issues than on Republican issues.”

“Surprisingly on several issues, Donald Trump and his campaign echoed the views of Democrats not Republicans: massive transportation bill, trade, getting rid of the carried interest loophole, cleaning up the swamp,” Schumer said. “And on those issues where he agrees with us and the Republican establishment and hard right doesn’t, we challenge him: Work with us and keep your promises to

11/20/16 10:24 AM

Trump has blasted “Hamilton” on Twitter multiple times since the incident, including this morning, when he asked the cast to apologize to Pence for the second time and said he has heard the show (which it appears he has not seen) is “highly overrated.”

Since the incident, a #BoycottHamilton movement has sprung up on Twitter in protest. Many social media users already saw “Hamilton” as a symbol of left-leaning elitism, and the Pence incident may have created an even greater divide between Trump supporters and “Hamilton” fans.

The Democrats' macro problem

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Howard Dean’s 50-state campaign was focused on getting connected with voters of all kinds.

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