President-elect Trump went into panic mode as the promises he made as a candidate finally caught up to him in this weekend’s cold open for “Saturday Night Live.”

Alec Balwin, returning to portray Trump for the first time since the election, met with a slew of potential candidates to be a part of his incoming administration at his golf course in New Jersey.

Offering a helping hand with all of his guests is Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway, who was Trump’s campaign manager.

Among the responsibilities Baldwin found himself facing was how to deal with the threat of the Islamic State in the Middle East.

Though Trump offered “extremely tough” promises on the campaign trail, Baldwin’s Trump seemed at a loss at how to follow through with strategy, and looked to technology for advice.

After asking Google, “What is ISIS?,” he turned to his phone.

“Siri. How do I kill ISIS?”, Baldwin asked, before realizing what he was not talking to an Apple smartphone and slammed down the device. “This is a BlackBerry.”

Freaking out, Baldwin then took several deep breaths and attempted to calm down by repeating, “Big beautiful boobs and buildings.”

Trump urged to issue 100-year bonds

Also from the Washington Examiner

Barron’s financial weekly urged President-elect Donald Trump to consider issuing US government bonds that don’t mature for 100 years.

Editor Randall Forsyth made the case for this new debt vehicle in the paper’s Saturday edition to address both “America’s heavy debt burden and its need for faster economic growth.”

Forsyth wrote that because of entitlements the debt would be likely to climb to $45 trillion in 20 years before any of Trump’s own spending and tax cuts are factored in.

“Given the incoming administration’s ambitious plans, and the nation’s already high debt, the president-elect might ask: What would Hamilton do?” the Barron’s editor wrote.

11/19/16 9:56 PM

Mitt Romney meets with Trump

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“I appreciate the chance to speak to [Trump], and look forward to the coming administration.”

11/19/16 2:46 PM

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