Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Sunday he thinks President-elect Trump won blue-collar American voters by promoting Democratic Party issues and not those championed by the GOP.

Schumer told “Fox News Sunday,” “I think blue-collar America voted for Donald Trump more on Democratic issues than on Republican issues.”

“Surprisingly on several issues, Donald Trump and his campaign echoed the views of Democrats, not Republicans: massive transportation bill, trade, getting rid of the carried interest loophole, cleaning up the swamp,” Schumer said. “And on those issues where he agrees with us and the Republican establishment and hard right doesn’t, we challenge him: Work with us and keep your promises to blue-collar America.”

Schumer also insisted that Democrats would oppose Trump “tooth-and-nail” on matters where the president-elect does not share its values or beliefs.

Trump tweeted approvingly of the Democratic senator following Schumer’s comments and said, “I have always had a good relationship with Chuck Schumer. He is far smarter than Harry [Reid] and has the ability to get things done. Good news!”

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