Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who has helped direct American foreign policy for several decades, said he thinks President-elect Trump is the “most unique” he has ever seen in terms of his lack of “baggage” holding him down.

“He has absolutely no baggage,” Kissinger told CNN on Sunday. “He has no obligation to any particular group because he has become president on the basis of his own strategy.”

Though he insisted he was “not here as a spokesman of the president-elect,” Sunday’s words for Trump were more positive than what Kissinger had to say earlier this year.

In May, Trump claimed at a rally in Fresno, California, that “one of the biggest diplomats in the country who is a friend of mine” had met with the businessman recently, a clear reference to Kissinger.

Trump said Kissinger had confessed that though he initially thought Trump’s foreign policy demands were “too tough,” he came around when “all of these countries [started] calling [Kissinger, asking] ‘What do we do, what do we do, how can we make him happy?”

At the time, Kissinger said through a spokesman that while “on foreign policy [Trump] identif[ies] many key problems, I do not generally agree with the solutions.”

On the larger Trump phenomenon, Kissinger said Sunday that “not enough attention was paid to the fact that [globalization] was bound to have winners and losers, and that the losers were bound to try to express themselves in some kind of political reaction.”

Kissinger also reportedly said that Americans should not insist on holding Trump to the positions he held during his presidential campaign.

Trump and Kissinger met again at Trump tower in New York City last week.

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