President-elect Trump will meet with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Sunday.

Trump’s meetings with Christie and Giuliani are part of several previously scheduled meetings that will begin shortly, per a pool report. Christie was demoted from leader to vice chairman on Trump’s transition team alongside Giuliani earlier this month. Giuliani was passed over for the U.S. attorney general position, which was offered to Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Whether either Christie or Giuliani, long-time Trump defenders, will have meaningful roles in Trump’s administration remains to be seen.

The president-elect is meeting with 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney, an outspoken Trump critic, on Saturday afternoon. Trump spent the morning tweeting about the drawbacks of winning the presidential election and complaining about the cast of the musical “Hamilton.”

Trump win makes lame duck even lamer

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Republicans are eager to end the 114th session so they can get to work on the 115th Congress.

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