President-elect Donald Trump will rendezvous over the weekend with two men once floated as possible third-party challengers by his greatest detractor, during his first extended trip outside of Trump Tower since his stunning election victory earlier this month.

The incoming Republican president and his transition staffers have been tight-lipped about his meeting on Saturday with 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney, who repeatedly argued against Trump and his campaign promises during the course of his White House bid.

Romney, who has been lauded for accurately predicting that Russia would become a dominant world threat and America’s “number one geopolitical foe,” is rumored to be under consideration for secretary of state. Trump transition aides inadvertently fueled such speculation during a call with reporters on Friday, in which they said the president-elect is uninterested in casting aside qualified individuals for senior roles and cabinet-level appointments “based on political affiliation or whether they supported him in the past.”

That is one of the reasons why Trump has conducted meetings with South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, both former critics of his, as he looks to assemble a government, and why his weekend getaway in Bedminster, N.J. will also be marked by meetings with former foes.

In addition to Romney, Trump is expected to spend Saturday meeting with retired four-star Gen. James Mattis, the other third-party challenger mentioned by the “Never Trump” crowd albeit one who quickly dismissed the idea; and former Republican National committeewoman Betsy DeVos, who previously told the Washington Examiner that Trump “doesn’t represent the Republican party.”

The meetings are set to take place at the billionaire’s Bedminster golf club, where top aides and members of his transition operation will continue the daunting task of reviewing candidates and filling more than 4,000 posts in the next administration.

Trump has kept his conversations with dozens of individuals since the election ended mostly private, though the policymakers, statesmen and activists spotted at his Manhattan skyscraper in recent days have created more questions than answers about which type of people will fill the cabinet and senior-level positions that remain.

As one conservative radio personality recently put it: “Trump is just doing ‘Cabinet Apprentice.'”

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